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How it works

With Instant floorplans, you have three easy ways to create property floorplans:

Sketch conversion

Upload a sketch drawn digitally or on paper and we'll convert it to a finished floorplan in seconds

Online editor

Edit floorplans which have been automatically converted from your sketches, or start from scratch

Developer APIs

Integrate our sketch recognition technology into your back-end system or CRM

Create floorplans automatically from a sketch

It's now possible to instantly create a property floorplan from a sketch.

Our Artificial Intelligence detects walls, doors, windows and stairs, and will automatically straighten and resize walls to create a professional floorplan in seconds.

It's much quicker than sending your sketches off to be converted by a floorplan provider, and it's easier than manually creating them yourself.

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Create floorplans using the online editor

Either start from scratch, or edit floorplans which you've automatically converted from sketches.

The online editor works on mobile, tablet or PC, and there's no software to download or install.

In the editor, you can quickly add, edit and delete room features, move and resize rooms and add dimensions to your floorplans.

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Create floorplans through the API

Our AI sketch conversion service is available through our APIs, which can be easily integrated into your back-end system to automate the process of converting sketches into floorplans.

We're currently working on integrations for some of the most popular CRM systems. If you're interested in hearing more about the APIs, contact us for more information.